Patterned Stair Case + New Spindles

Looking to take your 90’s staircase to present day? Add a bold pattern and new spindles to completely transform your entry. Paddy, in Plano, Texas used an Anderson Tuftex pattern and fresh white spindles to give her home a new look.

Read to the bottom to hear about her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.


Bold Geometric Pattern

Earthy, subtle color


White spindles

Stained wood rails


Statement Runner

Each stair installed separately

Paddy Feller of Plano, Texas explains her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.

Q: What was the best part of your experience with Winston Floors + Countertops?

A: The best part was going to the showroom, I liked going there and picking out my carpet first.

Q: What was your experience like with the installers?

A: I loved the installers, they are the best. They are hard workers, no complaints! The installers are a goldmine.

Q: Why did you go with this particular carpet for your stairs?

A: I LOVED the pattern and the color!