Cambria + Fireclay Tile Team Up Again! Ella + Color

This was a fun project because the customer had her own vision from the beginning! She wanted the space to read “happy” and it does just that! You can’t help but smile when you look at these photos. She used Cambria Ella through out with a mix of Fireclay blue star + cross, Kasbah Trellis and her own custom design in the kitchen. Read to the bottom to hear about her experience working with Winston Floors + Countertops!


Cambria Ella +

The customer created her own Fireclay Tile design!


Fireclay Kasbah Trellis

Paired with Black Granite Hearth

Fireclay Tile Blue Star + Cross paired with Cambria Ella in the wet bar.

Hear what Winston Floors + Countertops customer, Diane Parker, had to say about her experience!