So...What Is The Difference Between Natural Stone & Cambria Quartz Countertops?

The most common question when someone is picking out countertops is “what is the difference between natural stone and Cambria quartz?” Or, “what makes Cambria so special?” In the last few years, our Cambria quartz sales have made up roughly 85 percent of countertop jobs because of the following reasons.

  1. Durability. While you cannot replace the beauty of nature- Cambria boasts complete stain resistance to wine, blueberry juice, water rings and a number of other lifestyle blunders that are a part of living in a space. The last thing most busy families want to worry about is staining a material that is cooked on and lived on day in and day out.

  2. Design. With a mid-grade granite price point, you can get beyond the builder grade granite of yesteryear and upgrade to a more fluid design that mimics the expensive marbles, quartzite and high priced granites that are in trend today.

  3. Cost. Yes, if you’ve ever purchased granite you know it’s priced on a scale. Getting high design for a mid- grade granite price with full durability makes Cambria a popular choice when weighing all the options.


Cambria Quartz, Granite & Quartzite

In White Shades…


Pricing Levels

Top low grade granite, bottom high grade natural stone sitting on mid grade Cambria quartz.

Want to see the full collection? Make an appointment in the showroom today. Natural stone is unique in that every slab is one of a kind. Cambria quartz offers consistency in every slab. Each buyer is looking for different things but it’s always good to know the differences and what to expect with such a high traffic item. For more info on Cambria, visit