Cambria + Fireclay Tile Team Up Again! Ella + Color

This was a fun project because the customer had her own vision from the beginning! She wanted the space to read “happy” and it does just that! You can’t help but smile when you look at these photos. She used Cambria Ella through out with a mix of Fireclay blue star + cross, Kasbah Trellis and her own custom design in the kitchen. Read to the bottom to hear about her experience working with Winston Floors + Countertops!


Cambria Ella +

The customer created her own Fireclay Tile design!


Fireclay Kasbah Trellis

Paired with Black Granite Hearth

Fireclay Tile Blue Star + Cross paired with Cambria Ella in the wet bar.

Hear what Winston Floors + Countertops customer, Diane Parker, had to say about her experience!

Stunning Kitchen Combo: FireClay Tile + Cambria Skara Brae

This kitchen remodel was the first time we used FireClay Tile's Foundation collection. It turned out beautiful! Color "Tusk" was the perfect pairing with Cambria Quartz' Skara Brae. FireClay is custom made tile and the difference is in the rich color tones. We used the square in a subway format to let the movement in Skara Brae take center stage. Take a look at the completed photos and read what our customer Molly had to say about her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.


Skara Brae + Wood

Cambria's Skara Brae is the perfect style if you are looking to lighten your kitchen but keep your wooden cabinets. 

Molly, the owner of the home, answered a few questions about the experience. 

Q: What did you like about your experience? How was working with Winston Floors + Countertops different than other remodeling experiences?

A: You had the experience and knowledge of the product, you were like a designer - you had the full picture for me instead of just installation. 

Q: What did you like about the service? Installers? 

A: The installers were neat, on time and efficient. They made sure my floor wasn't hurt - they kept it clean and I felt like I could trust them. 

Q: What do you think about Cambria and your FireClay Tile? 

A: They exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to do 4 inch tile- but it's classic, I love the grout. It's not old fashioned like I thought it would be. 

Outstanding service...I'm thrilled! Can't wait for you to do my floors. Highly recommend your company!


80's Bathroom Overhaul Spotlighting: Cambria Quartz

Long time customer, Jennifer of Plano, TX, was looking to take her 80's style bathroom to current but classic. Her love of warm tones needed to be toned down with gray to fit today's trends for a possible resale. With a love of design, Jennifer wasn't scared of color but chose a base of gray-beige 12x24 floor tile and Cambria's popular Brittanicca Gold. She added color with a red hued glass accent tile that brought out the warm tones in the Brittanicca Gold. 



3x3 tile in small shower with blue 12x12 tile on the floors. 



3x3 white shower tile replaced with 12x24 tile to match floor tile giving the space a more fluid look. 



Cultured marble replaced with Cambria quartz and red-hued glass for the 4 inch backsplash. 


Cambria quartz used on top of under mount tub.


Cambria extended into shower structure for a functional seat. 

We caught up with Jennifer in her home after the remodel and asked her a few questions. 

Q: What was the bathroom like before the remodel? 

A: The bathroom before the remodel was stuck in 1986, it was all done in a cultured marble so it still had the shell sinks in both vanities. We had a very old blueish tile, all of the corinthian gold brass fixtures. The tub was actually a sunken tub down into the slab so we had to raise that. The shower was probably half the size it is now and a 3x3 white tile. 

Q: Why did you choose this particular combination for your bathroom remodel?

A: We chose this particular combination because we wanted to have an updated look. We wanted to bring the grays and the beige and the creams in but we also wanted to keep with the traditional style of the house. The Brittanicca Gold did that. It brought everything together with this Quartz. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about the new bathroom?

A: My favorite thing about the new bathroom has got to be my quartz countertops. I've loved them from the day they were installed. It just brought everything together for me and I do love my countertops. We ended up getting a 6 foot under mount tub which feels luxurious and the shower size obviously is very nice but I have to say my favorite thing is the countertops. 

Q: What did you like about using Cambria? 

A: What I liked about using Cambria was the number of selections that they had. They had a wide variety of different colors, different patterns and also the availably of the slab to come in a 2 or 3 cm. The size of the slab also because we were able to get all of the bathroom done with one slab which was important to me to keep the grain moving correctly and there showroom was outstanding. They had everything there that I needed to see in a full slab out in a showroom for me. There website also. I wanted to get an additional sample, it was sent out immediately. We were just very happy with Cambria.