Cambria As Backsplash: Using Golden Dragon Quartz

Our client Becky in North Dallas decided to go for maximum wow factor with Cambria’s new style, Golden Dragon. With a backdrop of simple + clean white cabinets, Cambria takes center stage with movement on the countertops and up the backsplash walls. Paired with brass fixtures, this kitchen remodel is one to remember! If you’ve ever considered using Cambria as backsplash, take a look at these stunning shots of what using one material to dress your entire kitchen can look like.


Bathroom Installation: Timeless Tile

This bathroom had an uneven subfloor with dated tile and fixtures. The customers chose a neutral toned tile through out with stand alone tub for timeless appeal! Read to the bottom to find out about their experience with Winston Floors + Countertops from construction to design!

12x24 tiles, vintage fixtures.

12x24 tiles, vintage fixtures.

Brick wall surround in matching tile.

Brick wall surround in matching tile.

12x24 tile floors in matching tile with classic white stand alone tub.

12x24 tile floors in matching tile with classic white stand alone tub.

Q: How was it working with the installers?

A: They were super easy to work with and very professional. They are trustworthy so I didn’t always have to be home. They started early and left late, I never even saw them takes breaks! It couldn’t have been better or easier.

Q: How was the process picking out materials + creating the design?

A: We came to the showroom and looked, it was an easy process for us!

Q: What is your favorite part?

A: My favorite part of the project is a toss up between the tub and shower. I love the custom bench!

Before/After: 90's Bathroom Transformed: Porcelain Marble

This bathroom in Plano, Texas was complete with wallpaper and old fixtures. We kept the same footprint but installed a stand alone tub and clean, grey + white porcelain tile throughout. Take a look at what Paige had to say about her experience below.



Wallpaper, old tile + cultured marble tub



Porcelain marble, fresh paint + stand alone tub

Q: How was your experience with the installers?

A: I loved them. They were professional and friendly and Josh (installer) thought ahead on a lot of things because he’s so knowledgable. Very client oriented, always thinking about what he could do to make this a good installation for the client.

Q: How was the process of picking out your design?

A: Very easy. I kind of knew the color scheme I wanted but you were helpful in narrowing it down and pulling it all together.

Q: What is your favorite part of this bathroom project?

A: The shower is my favorite!

90's Bathroom Overhaul: Porcelain Marble + Cambria Highgate

Jill in Plano, Texas had a classic 90’s master bathroom complete with wallpaper and carpeted floors. This transformation kept the footprint to save cost, but changed out all of the materials to give her a modern, clean look. It doesn’t even look like same room! The only constructional changes were installing a stand alone tub and expanding the shower a few inches. Read to the bottom to hear about Jill’s experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.


Cambria Highgate countertops.

Gorgeous stand alone tub install.


Charcoal grey porcelain marble shower installation.

Q: What was your bathroom like before?

A: This was a 90’s era bathroom with carpet, wallpaper and brass fixtures. The spa tub was torn out and replaced and we expanded the shower. We had a plan, but we made changes along the way. Winston Floors + Countertops was flexible and that was helpful.

Q: How were the installers?

A: Josh and Nelson left it cleaner than it was before! They took care of my house and cleaned up everyday.

Q: How did you choose Cambria quartz?

A: Winston Floors + Countertops helped me. I picked out the floors and you helped me pair it with the counters.

Q: What is your favorite part of the project?

A: The transformation! You wouldn’t think it was the same room, but it was cost efficient because we didn’t change the footprint.

Patterned Stair Case + New Spindles

Looking to take your 90’s staircase to present day? Add a bold pattern and new spindles to completely transform your entry. Paddy, in Plano, Texas used an Anderson Tuftex pattern and fresh white spindles to give her home a new look.

Read to the bottom to hear about her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.


Bold Geometric Pattern

Earthy, subtle color


White spindles

Stained wood rails


Statement Runner

Each stair installed separately

Paddy Feller of Plano, Texas explains her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.

Q: What was the best part of your experience with Winston Floors + Countertops?

A: The best part was going to the showroom, I liked going there and picking out my carpet first.

Q: What was your experience like with the installers?

A: I loved the installers, they are the best. They are hard workers, no complaints! The installers are a goldmine.

Q: Why did you go with this particular carpet for your stairs?

A: I LOVED the pattern and the color!

Cambria + Fireclay Tile Team Up Again! Ella + Color

This was a fun project because the customer had her own vision from the beginning! She wanted the space to read “happy” and it does just that! You can’t help but smile when you look at these photos. She used Cambria Ella through out with a mix of Fireclay blue star + cross, Kasbah Trellis and her own custom design in the kitchen. Read to the bottom to hear about her experience working with Winston Floors + Countertops!


Cambria Ella +

The customer created her own Fireclay Tile design!


Fireclay Kasbah Trellis

Paired with Black Granite Hearth

Fireclay Tile Blue Star + Cross paired with Cambria Ella in the wet bar.

Hear what Winston Floors + Countertops customer, Diane Parker, had to say about her experience!

So...What Is The Difference Between Natural Stone & Cambria Quartz Countertops?

The most common question when someone is picking out countertops is “what is the difference between natural stone and Cambria quartz?” Or, “what makes Cambria so special?” In the last few years, our Cambria quartz sales have made up roughly 85 percent of countertop jobs because of the following reasons.

  1. Durability. While you cannot replace the beauty of nature- Cambria boasts complete stain resistance to wine, blueberry juice, water rings and a number of other lifestyle blunders that are a part of living in a space. The last thing most busy families want to worry about is staining a material that is cooked on and lived on day in and day out.

  2. Design. With a mid-grade granite price point, you can get beyond the builder grade granite of yesteryear and upgrade to a more fluid design that mimics the expensive marbles, quartzite and high priced granites that are in trend today.

  3. Cost. Yes, if you’ve ever purchased granite you know it’s priced on a scale. Getting high design for a mid- grade granite price with full durability makes Cambria a popular choice when weighing all the options.


Cambria Quartz, Granite & Quartzite

In White Shades…


Pricing Levels

Top low grade granite, bottom high grade natural stone sitting on mid grade Cambria quartz.

Want to see the full collection? Make an appointment in the showroom today. Natural stone is unique in that every slab is one of a kind. Cambria quartz offers consistency in every slab. Each buyer is looking for different things but it’s always good to know the differences and what to expect with such a high traffic item. For more info on Cambria, visit

Carpet Remodel Experience

Peggy, in Allen, TX, was looking to replace her builder grade carpet with a nicer carpet that would go with the rest of her home and withstand time. She chose a heathered carpet that could handle pets and grandchildren. The cut pile style she chose worked nicely in bedrooms, living areas and even on the staircase. Peggy explains below how the experience was different than previous remodels. 


Installation done stair by stair


Q: How was your experience with the installers? 

A: When he said he would be here, he was. One night he was here until 7pm! Very prompt and cleaned up after himself. 

Q: How was the shopping experience? 

A: I had gone to Nebraska Furniture first- I liked the experience shopping with Winston Floors + Countertops. It wasn't so massive, you understood what I was looking for. 

Great experience! I would recommend you to anyone looking for carpet. 

Stunning Kitchen Combo: FireClay Tile + Cambria Skara Brae

This kitchen remodel was the first time we used FireClay Tile's Foundation collection. It turned out beautiful! Color "Tusk" was the perfect pairing with Cambria Quartz' Skara Brae. FireClay is custom made tile and the difference is in the rich color tones. We used the square in a subway format to let the movement in Skara Brae take center stage. Take a look at the completed photos and read what our customer Molly had to say about her experience with Winston Floors + Countertops.


Skara Brae + Wood

Cambria's Skara Brae is the perfect style if you are looking to lighten your kitchen but keep your wooden cabinets. 

Molly, the owner of the home, answered a few questions about the experience. 

Q: What did you like about your experience? How was working with Winston Floors + Countertops different than other remodeling experiences?

A: You had the experience and knowledge of the product, you were like a designer - you had the full picture for me instead of just installation. 

Q: What did you like about the service? Installers? 

A: The installers were neat, on time and efficient. They made sure my floor wasn't hurt - they kept it clean and I felt like I could trust them. 

Q: What do you think about Cambria and your FireClay Tile? 

A: They exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to do 4 inch tile- but it's classic, I love the grout. It's not old fashioned like I thought it would be. 

Outstanding service...I'm thrilled! Can't wait for you to do my floors. Highly recommend your company!


80's Bathroom Overhaul Spotlighting: Cambria Quartz

Long time customer, Jennifer of Plano, TX, was looking to take her 80's style bathroom to current but classic. Her love of warm tones needed to be toned down with gray to fit today's trends for a possible resale. With a love of design, Jennifer wasn't scared of color but chose a base of gray-beige 12x24 floor tile and Cambria's popular Brittanicca Gold. She added color with a red hued glass accent tile that brought out the warm tones in the Brittanicca Gold. 



3x3 tile in small shower with blue 12x12 tile on the floors. 



3x3 white shower tile replaced with 12x24 tile to match floor tile giving the space a more fluid look. 



Cultured marble replaced with Cambria quartz and red-hued glass for the 4 inch backsplash. 


Cambria quartz used on top of under mount tub.


Cambria extended into shower structure for a functional seat. 

We caught up with Jennifer in her home after the remodel and asked her a few questions. 

Q: What was the bathroom like before the remodel? 

A: The bathroom before the remodel was stuck in 1986, it was all done in a cultured marble so it still had the shell sinks in both vanities. We had a very old blueish tile, all of the corinthian gold brass fixtures. The tub was actually a sunken tub down into the slab so we had to raise that. The shower was probably half the size it is now and a 3x3 white tile. 

Q: Why did you choose this particular combination for your bathroom remodel?

A: We chose this particular combination because we wanted to have an updated look. We wanted to bring the grays and the beige and the creams in but we also wanted to keep with the traditional style of the house. The Brittanicca Gold did that. It brought everything together with this Quartz. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about the new bathroom?

A: My favorite thing about the new bathroom has got to be my quartz countertops. I've loved them from the day they were installed. It just brought everything together for me and I do love my countertops. We ended up getting a 6 foot under mount tub which feels luxurious and the shower size obviously is very nice but I have to say my favorite thing is the countertops. 

Q: What did you like about using Cambria? 

A: What I liked about using Cambria was the number of selections that they had. They had a wide variety of different colors, different patterns and also the availably of the slab to come in a 2 or 3 cm. The size of the slab also because we were able to get all of the bathroom done with one slab which was important to me to keep the grain moving correctly and there showroom was outstanding. They had everything there that I needed to see in a full slab out in a showroom for me. There website also. I wanted to get an additional sample, it was sent out immediately. We were just very happy with Cambria.